Inspired by a colleague who restored his fathers oldtimer, FCB made this story come to life. The car is definitely one of the focus points of this film aNd schedule wise one of the most difficult things to shoot. We used three different cars all in different stages of the restore process in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing vintage car. shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina with one of the most fantastic crews I have ever worked with.


Agency:FCB Amsterdam
Director: Willem Gerritsen
Production Company: Czar Amsterdam
Colorist: Joppo @degrot
Gaffer: Ariel Ribas
Chief creative officer: Massimo van der PLAS Creatives: Rolf Bais & Wouter Kampman

Edit: Wouter van Luijn
first Ac: Juan Paviolo
grip: PAblo Bejarano
ARt Director: Lola Ilaneza 
Line Production: Basica cine, Francois Huvelle & Jorge Malatesta